ScheBo® • M2-PK™ stool test

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With the ScheBo® • M2-PK stool test, an innovative test for early detection of intestinal polyps or colorectal cancer, is available in pharmacies. This test does not measure blood in the stool, but the enzyme Tumor M2-PK.

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Pharmacy test for colorectal cancer screening to send to the laboratory

In the pharmacy there is the ScheBo® • M2-PK stool test is an innovative test available for early diagnosis of intestinal polyps or colorectal cancer. This test does not measure blood in the stool, but the M2-PK enzyme.

Die M2-PK is a modern enzyme biomarker and has been identified as the key enzyme in polyps and intestinal tumours. The enzyme M2-PK is completely independent of the presence of blood in the stool. M2-PK is specific for the altered metabolic activity of cells (direct procedure). Non-bleeding polyps and intestinal tumours are also detected, as the M2-PK is independent of blood.

The ScheBo® • M2-PK™ stool test is a qualitative rapid test that detects the enzyme M2-PK in a highly specific manner. For proof using ScheBo® • M2-PK™ In stool samples, the following applies:

Sample material: tiny stool sample

The benefits of the ScheBo pharmacy test® • M2-PK™ are:

  • high sensitivity
  • high specificity
  • independent of occult blood
  • Bleeding and non-bleeding intestinal polyps, especially those >1 cm, are recorded
  • bleeding and non-bleeding bowel tumors are discovered
  • no sensitivity to food
  • no special diet required
  • no false results due to hemorrhoids or other bleeding in the intestines
  • A single pea-sized stool sample is sufficient
  • available at the pharmacy

The test with the central pharmaceutical number (PZN) 100 5703 is available in every pharmacy exclusively in Germany. The laboratory costs are also paid with the purchase price; further costs are only the postage for a large letter to send the stool sample to the laboratory. You can also find further information at

When should M2-PK be determined in stool:

  • Colorectal cancer screening

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