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ScheBo • Biotech AG is an innovative, globally active biotechnology company active in the development, production and marketing of in vitro diagnostics. The production of top products from ScheBo • Biotech AG is tailored to the needs of users.

ScheBo • Biotech AG was founded in 1989 by biochemists and molecular biologists Dr. Ursula Scheefers-Borchel and Dr. Hans Scheefers. She specializes in the production of monoclonal antibodies against various antigens and the development of routine-suitable test systems (e.g. ELISA systems, lateral flow tests, etc.) and the identification and isolation of target proteins.

ScheBo • Biotech AG is self-financed and therefore independent. It operates internationally and offers innovative products that have a unique position worldwide in the field of in vitro diagnostics. Constant innovations, distinctive customer orientation and creative problem solutions make ScheBo • Biotech AG a globally successful manufacturer of unique products.

We invite you to discover the benefits of ScheBo • Biotech AG.

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Quick Overview
ScheBo • Biotech AG

Netanyastraße 3-5/35394 Giessen
Telephone: 0641-4996-0/Fax: 0641-4996-78
E-Mail: schebo@schebo.com/Internet: www.schebo.de

Executive Board:

Dr. René M. Kröger (Chairman)
Sonja Scheefers
Jeffrey Scheefers

Founding year:


Business areas:

Development, production and sale of in vitro diagnostics


ScheBo • Biotech AG holds national and international patents


ScheBo • Biotech AG works with various universities and university hospitals in Europe, Asia and the United States.


ScheBo • Biotech UK Ltd., founded in 1999
ScheBo • Biotech USA Inc., founded in 2001

Our products
Global innovations:

R&D and production led to the successful launch of the following products:


ScheBo • SARS-CoV-2 Quick™ ANTIGEN Colloidal Gold (Market launch in 2021)


ScheBo • SARS-CoV-2 Quick™ IgM/IgG (Market launch in 2020)


ScheBo • SARS-CoV-2 Quick™ ANTIGEN Fluorescence (Market launch in 2020)


ScheBo • Calprotectin Smart™ stool test (Market launch in 2018)


ScheBo • Lactoferrin Smart™ stool test (Market launch in 2017)


ScheBo • Hb Smart™ stool test (Market launch in 2015)


ScheBo • Pancreas Elastase 1 Quick™ Canine (Market launch in 2014)


ScheBo • Master Quick-Prep™ (Market launch in 2014)


ScheBo • Pancreas Elastase 1 Quick™ (Market launch in 2013)


ScheBo • 2in1 Quick™ (Market launch in 2012)


ScheBo • M2-PK + Hb™ stool test* pharmacy (Market launch in 2012)


ScheBo • M2-PK Quick™ (Market launch in 2007)


ScheBo • Brainostic™ GFAP ELISA 
(Market launch in 2004)


ScheBo • Tumor M2-PK™ stool test (Market launch in 2003)


ScheBo • Tumor M2-PK™ stool test pharmacy (Market launch in 2003)


ScheBo • Quick-Prep™ (Market launch in 2002)


ScheBo • Brainostic™ Western Blotting Test (Market launch in 2000)


ScheBo • Elastase Canine stool test (Market launch in 1999)


ScheBo • Tumor M2-PK™ EDTA plasma test (Market launch in 1998)


ScheBo • Pancreatic Elastase 1 serum test (Market launch in 1994)


ScheBo • Pancreatic Elastase 1 stool test (Market launch in 1993)

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ISO certificate
ISO certificate

Here you can download our ISO certificate as a PDF file.

An ISO certificate is confirmation that the pharmaceutical company ScheBo Biotech AG meets internationally recognized standards in areas such as quality and sustainability. It shows that the company makes trustworthy and high-quality products.

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AEO certificate

ScheBo Biotech AG with AEO-F status

The main customs office in Gießen has granted ScheBo Biotech AG the status of AEO-F (Authorized Economic Operator — Customs Simplifications and Security) with effect from September 30, 2011.
The aim of the AEO program is to secure the international supply chain.

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The Authorized Economic Operator thus enjoys the following advantages:

  • AEO certificate holders are regarded worldwide as secure, reliable and trustworthy business partners in international trade;
  • Owners of an AEO certificate are less likely to check goods or documents. If, after the risk analysis, a further review is nevertheless required, this will be carried out as a matter of priority. The authorisation holder may be informed of this in advance;
  • Mutual recognition with other countries can ensure faster customs clearance;
  • holders of an AEO certificate S or F may submit incoming and outgoing summary declarations with reduced data sets;
  • AEO certificate holders can benefit more easily from further simplifications.

The requirements for granting the AEO certificate include

  • Compliance with customs regulations so far
  • Appropriate management of accounts
  • Evidence of financial solvency
  • Compliance with safety standards

Our locations


ScheBo Biotech

Netanyastraße 3-5
35394 Giessen
Phone +49 - (0) 641 -4996-0
fax +49 - (0) 641 -4996-77
E-Mail schebo@schebo.com

UK location

ScheBo® Biotech UK Ltd.

E-Mail info@schebo.co.uk
Phone +44-(0)2380-018302


Location USA

ScheBo® Biotech USA Inc.

E-Mail info@schebousa.com
Phone (254) 371-6978



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