ScheBo® • Pancreatic Elastase 1™ stool test

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The test is the gold standard for non-invasive pancreatic function testing.

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Stool test for exocrine pancreatic function testing

Pancreatic elastase 1 the gold standard for non-invasive pancreatic function testing

The ScheBo® • Pancreatic elastase 1™ stool test is a sandwich ELISA with two monoclonal antibodies that detect human pancreatic elastase 1 with high specificity. The following applies to the detection of pancreatic elastase 1 in stool samples:

Sample material: tiny stool sample

The advantages of the ScheBo® · Pancreatic Elastase 1test:

  • Recommended in various guidelines worldwide
  • Gold standard for non-invasive exocrine pancreatic function testing
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Small stool sample is suffcient
  • Pancreatic Elastase1 is stable during intestinal transit
  • Absolutely pancreas-specific
  • Uses monoclonal antibodies
  • Enzyme therapy does not affect the test result
  • Not affected by foodstuffs
  • No special diet required
  • Can be used in combination with the stool sample extraction system ScheBo® • Master Quick Prep™

When should pancreatic elastase 1 be determined:

  • Diagnosis/exclusion of pancreatic involvement in patients with gastrointestinal problems, epigastric pain, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, overweight, gallstone disease and osteoporosis
  • Diagnosis/exclusion of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency caused, for example, by chronic pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, papillary stenosis, celiac disease and diabetes

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