ScheBo® • Tumor M2-PK™ ELISA stool test

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With the ScheBo® • Tumor M2-PK™ stool test, it is possible to identify colorectal polyps and intestinal tumors. The test is independent of occult blood.

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Biomarker “M2-PK” in stool as a marker for colorectal polyps and tumours for improved colorectal cancer prevention

With ScheBo® • Tumor M2-PK™ stool test makes it possible to detect colorectal polyps and colorectal tumors. The test is independent of occult blood.

Die M2-PK is a modern enzyme biomarker and has been identified as the key enzyme in polyps and intestinal tumours. The enzyme M2-PK is completely independent of the presence of blood in the stool. M2-PK is specific for the altered metabolic activity of cells (direct procedure). Non-bleeding polyps and intestinal tumours are also detected, as the M2-PK is independent of blood.

The ScheBo® • Tumor M2-PK™ stool test is a sandwich ELISA with two monoclonal antibodies that recognize the M2-PK enzyme in a highly specific manner. The following applies to the detection of M2-PK in stool samples:

Sample material: tiny stool sample

The benefits of ScheBo® • M2-PK™ stool tests are:

  • high sensitivity
  • high specificity
  • independent of occult blood
  • Bleeding and non-bleeding intestinal polyps, especially those >1 cm, are recorded
  • bleeding and non-bleeding bowel tumors are discovered
  • no sensitivity to food
  • no special diet required
  • no false results due to hemorrhoids or other bleeding in the intestines
  • A single pea-sized stool sample is sufficient
  • available both at the doctor and in the pharmacy
  • Can be used in combination with the stool sample extraction system ScheBo® • Master Quick Prep™

When should M2-PK be determined in stool:

  • Colorectal cancer screening

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